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Riverview Sausage Story

The Riverview Sausage story, under that name began in 2022 when the business was originally established. But the ideals and values that lead to this establishment began much before then. Both Curtis and Dawn Hicks grew up on rural farms in Coronach, Saskatchewan (for Curtis) and Zehner, Saskatchewan (for Dawn). It is in these agricultural settings where not only the ethics and values of hard work were established but the understanding of home grown and home processed were engrained into everyday life. Vegetables were grown in the garden and cattle were raised in pastures. Local neighbors and farmers would source food from one another and therefore support one another. It was only as alast resort would a trip be made into town or the city to buy food. It is from these beginnings that the values and vision of Riverview Sausage was born.

Riverview Sausage located near Craven, Saskatchewan locally sources the beef, pork and bison used to make their products. This ensures that the benefits and sustenance remains local and supports the farmers and producers in rural Saskatchewan. It is a return to the traditional farm family values that Curtis and Dawn were raised on from their parents and the generations that came before them. It is their way of honoring and supporting the local farmer. 
In the first year of business, Riverview Sausage products were primarily sold at Farmers Markets in Regina and surrounding areas; this allowed the business and the founders to ensure rural traditions and beliefs were maintained. As the business expands, it is the hope of the founders that this grassroots, home grown, locally sourced business plan continues.