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We are a locally owned family business specializing in:

Butchering Around Wolseley
Custom Processing
Wild Game Processing
Homemade Sausage
Homemade Burgers
Homemade Smokies
Homemade Pepperettes
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Pure Saskatchewan Beef, Bison and Pork locally sourced and processed

Butchering & Wild Game Processing in Wolseley

Butchering Near Me & Wild Game Processing

We're hunters. We love the thrill of the hunt, and we know the value of what we kill. We also know that if you're going to eat meat, it should be sourced from animals that have been treated humanely and with respect.
Our meat comes from local Saskatchewan farmers who raise their animals humanely and ethically raised. We provide sausage, smokies, burgers, bison & beef cuts including rib eye, sirloin, chuck roasts, T-bone steak & tenderloin, and more!
Our wild game processing ensures that our products are 100% clean: no other hunters' meat mixed in with yours. Because we're hunters ourselves, we know how much work good hunters put into keeping their animals clean. We 100% guarantee your meat will not be mixed with any other hunters. The last thing a hunter wants is there meat mixed in with someone who doesn’t.
We offer butchering services to local communities around Wolseley so your herd gets butchered & processed with care and respect. We take great care to ensure all of our processes are carefully monitored in our shop so that you can be sure your meat is getting the best possible treatment.

Sausages & Pepperettes

All sausage must be cooked prior to consumption

Provided Services in Wolseley

Sides of Beef for $5.10 per pound.

Butchering Services

Domestic Processing BeefBisonHogWild Game ProcessingDeerElkMoose

Custom Processing

Fresh Sausage Making - $2.50/lb
Smoked Sausage Making - $2.50/lb
Jerky Making - $15.00/lb

Pork Trims

Pork Trims60/4070/3080/20
Prices fluctuate with market prices

Farmers Market Schedule

We are vendors at both the Regina Beach and Regina Farmers Markets.

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